Let’s end the mold.

Mold is one of the worst contaminants you could ever find in your home. This little fungus can spread throughout your property in a matter of 48-72 hours, and can also produce allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause other health issues.


Mold is a fungus that trhives on moisture and reproduce through spores that
travel through the air.


Cause allegies and allergic
reactions such as asthma.


Cause health problems in
those suffering an
acute illness.


Can lead to dangerous
and deadly health issues.

Don’t let the mold
get ahead of you

Keep the mold outside where it belongs.
It’s great for nature, but no for your
intimate spaces like home and office
where it can damage your health and lifestyle.

If you have mold problems
in your home or office

This is what we have to do:


Whether you need a black mold test or are interested in air sampling for your home or business, our experts can get the job done effectively and meticulously.

Our work

Moldetails is a professional mold testing company, from start to finish we help property owners with all mold related problems. We offer inspections, testing, insurance claims and remediation estimate. With us you can find experts making use of advanced equipment and techniques to protect your family, home and business.

Let’s get to work!

Work whit us to get rid of the annoying mold in your private space
don’t wait to long, the mold can spread quick and be dangerous
to you and your loved ones.

Get in touch with Mold Details

And start the process to keep your life mold-free.

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